There are several aspects to be analyzed when hiring a market research company. The starting point is to make it clear that no one (including the research companies themselves) is

Should I do market research? Before answering whether companies should do market research, it is worth reflecting on the following Brazilian reality: more than 71% of new companies close over

Knowing the customer The basic requirement for the success of any enterprise is the knowledge and monitoring of your market and, more specifically, your customer’s expectations and needs To the

The importance of practice (with context) for the understanding of theoretical results Even for people who already work in the field, the differences between the scope, scope and meaning of

It almost always seemed to me a considerable exaggeration to expect that advertising campaigns should make people fall in love with brands, products or services. Even when it comes to

The meaning and scope of what is ‘loyalty’ has undergone considerable changes, as did most of the ideas and premises we were used to with the advent of the digital

Pré-Teste de Campanha

Campaign Pre-Test – A new approach One of the types of qualitative research that Checon has carried out the most in these 25 years of experience in the market are

Facial Expressions The human face (facial expressions) consists of a vast panorama in constant movement of what is happening in our most intimate state of mind, with a considerable diversity

Men are pervs, women are gold diggers – eye tracking Miratech and its international partners have conducted the first international eye tracking case study to measure how men and women look at